Can I Drink Milk with Gout?

milkHaving Gout has many dietary restrictions. Knowing what you can and can’t eat can be a real challenge to keep track of all the time. Milk is highly recommended as part of our daily recommended intake for Dairy, but can a person with Gout or someone suffering through a Gout attack drink milk without increasing the risk of triggering another attack or prolonging an attack?

Studies have shown that low-fat milk is great for Gout diets. More specifically, skim milk is the best.

Gout occurs when an excess amount of Uric Acid builds up in a joint, typically in the big toe of your feet, but can happen in other joints like your wrist and in your hands. Skim milk was shown to reduce the amount of uric acid in patients by up to 10%.

Add skim milk to your Gout diet.

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